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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where The F*ck Have You Been?

That is the question I have been asked a lot lately. So where is Ray? Where?

I've been around, tossing out some smart ass comments on the Nation and what not. But it was really hard for me to care about hockey once the Oilers season was over. I watched the playoffs and enjoyed them, but I write about the Oilers. And as the mighty Oilers were done, so was I.

But the draft always gets me excited. I expect a lot and usually walk away a little bummed out. However last night was no exception. When we couldn't move up to get Kane, I was a little concerned. But once Glennie was taken I was really distraught. Now, I understand that the Oilers did get a good pick. (Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson). I just didn't know much about him so I wasn't jumping up and down. However, upon a little looking around, he is going to be a good player for this club.

At the end of the day, I am a baby who wanted one of two guys. I must learn to deal with disappointment. Just as I wrote that, Brodziak is traded to the Wild for two draft picks. ~Sweet! Another guy that takes faceoffs that we don't need.~


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and that I still care about all of you. :)

July 1st better be a good Oiler day.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beers and Jeers #42 (Mar 7/09 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs)

The Oilers are starting this game in 9th. Two points out of 8th. This is definitely a must win.

This is going to be the 21st straight game for Roli. A new Oiler record surpassing Fuhr. That sure is something.


1st Period

Both teams start out the period playing pretty safe hockey. Not my kind of style but I guess it works. Smid takes a skate to the head and goes down. He ended up going back to the dressing room, my guess... for stitches? At 11:21 the 4th line comes out on full out mode. Reddox makes a nice play. Stortini throws a hit. Next thing you know Storts has dropped the gloves. Good tilt. Storts wins that one. The Leafs almost score but Cogs was there to save the day. Lucky for Roli because he thought that he made the save. And just as the period starts to wind down, Gilbert takes a Interference penalty. The period ends tied 0-0.

2nd Period

Smid has a concussion and will not return it is reported. That's too bad. Smid has been very good this year. Well the Leafs waste no time on the PP. The Leafs score at 1:08. Damn. 1-0 Leafs. But the Oilers also waste no time replying back. Hemsky goes in on a breakaway and scores. Yeah! 1-1 Tie Game. (Hemsky from Horcoff at 1:29) Now the pace just seemed to be turned up a bit. The MacBlender seems to be on slow mix. Gagner out with Kotalik now. It's tied MacT. Don't panic. But here comes the Oilers 4th line with that pressure and they score. Yeah!!!! 2-1 Oilers. (Brodziak unassisted at 8:34) He tips it by the defender and goes in on a mini breakaway. Scores 5 hole. This 4th line is really moving tonight. Now the 3rd line comes out and scores. Alright Boys!!! 3-1 Oilers. (Pisani from Grebeshkov and Cogliano at 10:45) The Leafs look screwed now. They are really trying to answer back. What a good period if your an Oiler fan. I hear a lot of them in the stands tonight. That's good to see. errr.. Hear. It was reported that Cogs has 50 people at this game. Including his Grandpa who has never seen him play in the NHL live. And Cogs already has an assist. Awesome.

3rd Period

The 3rd is in all out, don't lose the game mode. The Oilers are playing very safe hockey. And why not? We are up 3-1. The game progresses with a few penalties and no scoring chances. This has been a pretty solid period by the Oilers because there is 5:00 minutes left in the game and there is not much to report. At 16:50, Souray and Kubina get together and both take double minors. I love the way Souray gets mean. He's freaking scary. Well the Leafs have pulled their goalie and Brodziak hits the empty net. Scores! 4-1 Oilers. (Brodziak from Hemsky and Horcoff at 19:32) All of the sudden Strudwick is throwing those fast rabbit punches on Ben Ondrus. Ondrus probably didn't know that he punches like that or he wouldn't have fought him. Struds wins that fight. OILERS WIN!!! Yeah.


Tonight's Starting Lines

Kotalik Horcoff Hemsky (This line still hasn't clicked. I don't care that they were getting points. That's great. They just don't look like a unit yet. Hemsky did look pretty good though. He was looking great, then something wouldn't go his way and he would look like he was pouting. Horcoff was average. Kotalik was still trying to fit in out there.)

O'Sullivan Gagner Pouliot (This isn't working either. O'Sullivan isn't clicking with Gagner. But you never know what an extra day of practice and getting to know you team mates might do to help. Gagner was looking good. But couldn't really finish anything. Pouliot was Pouliot.)

Penner Cogliano Pisani (This line was effective at times. They seem to be understanding each other. Not sure if that is bad news for Chopper? Doubt it. It's more like what do you do with Dustin "Donair" Penner? Penner was the whipping boy tonight. He played the least with 8:16 and only saw 5 on 5 time. Cogs was trying hard to impress his "fans in the stands". He played good. This was the best Pisani has been since returning. He scores the back breaker goal in the second.)

Reddox Brodziak Stortini (This 4th line seems to be the better line on a regular basis. Reddox was good. He didn't do much, but he also didn't cause anything either. Brodziak was quite good tonight. Him and Storts really have good chemistry. Storts was fighting, crashing the net and even played more than Penner did. Great line again.)



Edmonton Oilers - 4

Toronto Maple Leafs - 1



Steve Staios - He played a smart game and blocked 5 shots. He took no stupid penalties. He played tough yet was restrained. Staios plays games like these every once in a while. Tonight was one of those nights. Good game Steve. Have a frosty. Cheers!

Dwayne Roloson - Solid again. Roli made 39 saves to keep the Leafs down to one goal. He has been great for a while now. Thank god we didn't trade him for a bag of pucks like everyone wanted to eh? Roli! Roli! Roli! Have a nice cold one Roli. Cheers!

Kyle Brodziak - He played a nice safe game. His line was on fire and it had a lot to do with #51. He scored a nice on in the 2nd and later scores on the empty net. Good job Kyle. Have a Pilsner. Cheers!

Honorable Mention - Denis Grebeshkov (He was +4 at the end of the night and also had an assist. Solid game.), Tom Gilbert (He also redeemed himself tonight with a +3 and an assist.), Ales Hemsky (Had flashes of his old self. He managed a break away goal and an assist.), Shawn Horcoff (also had a good point night with 2 assists.)



Not much really to boo tonight. They played a good game and they won. What more can we ask for? The Oilers really just need the new guys to start meshing/producing as soon as possible.


The next game is Tuesday against the Habs. We need the 2 points and that is going to be a tough game. Hope the good Oilers show up. See you all next time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beers and Jeers #22 (Jan 18/09 vs Phoenix Coyotes)

What a fun evening that was. Started with the Glenn Anderson Ceremony and ended with a Moreau Hat trick. The ceremony was good for the most part. Whoever wrote the Kevin Lowe speech really sucked. Lame jokes and re-used lines from past speeches. But all in all it was a good show. So #9 is gone now. Never again can it be used. Who's next? #4? #30? #27?

The game was a barn burner. Action right from the beginning. I must say the effort level was there from the get go. The team really had a shot in the arm when Hemsky came back to the line up. I think Penner and Horcoff showed their true colors when Hemmer went down for those games. Penner is overpaid and Horcoff is NOT an all star and overpaid. I would love to see a Penner/Cogliano/Hemsky 1st line. Shawn Horcoff can take the 3rd line position. I bet Cogs would be a 70 point guy too.

Kyle Brodziak had a good night in the faceoff circle. (12-2) 86%. But that's pretty much it for him. But, game after game I notice Erik Cole takes 3 or 4 faceoff's a game and usually only loses one. Why not try him out at taking the draws? He doesn't need to play center, just take faceoff's. Worth a try don't you think?

I couldn't believe that Steve MacIntyre wasn't playing. I really wanted to see him fight Carcillo tonight. For one, it would have been an easier test than say Boogaard. And two, I wanted to see him (Carcillo) get his ass kicked. I wonder if Big Mac was able to meet his hero Marty McSorley today? I hope so. This is the best season ever huh Big Mac? Lucky S.O.B.

Well let's hope that all this Oiler nostalgia and alumni guys being around for the last couple days really rubbed off on the team that we have now (young and old). I said at the beginning of the season that the Oilers are going to the SCF this year. I feel it. I believe it. And I still do. As of late, (since the closed door meeting) that the team seems to have changed. They have a hand shake clap thing that they have going on. Some guys are rocking mustaches. (Penner/Gagner). The lines are mixed now more old with new players. So I see that the team is starting to have fun again. And the ball will roll. Believe...

The lines tonight:

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (Horc/Pens suck without Hemsky. Tonight they looked great. Surprise!?!)

Reddox Gagner Cole (Are you serious? Reddox? I suppose that if you score like Schremp or Potulny or Brule you then go to the 4th line or pressbox. I just don't get it MacT? Anyone but Reddox please)

Pouliot Cogliano Moreau (the best line that played as a group. They all complimented each other nicely tonight. Nice to see Moreau play a good full game)

Strudwick Brodziak Brule (This doesn't even look right on paper. This is the line Reddox should have been on)



Ales Hemsky

- I can not believe the impact that this guy has on his linemates, his team and his fans. He was amazing tonight. You could hear the crowd buzzing after he would do something. Very exciting to have him back. 2 goal night. +3. Solid all around. Welcome back Hemmer. Have a cold one. Cheers!

Ethan Moreau

- Quite possibly his best ever game as an Oiler. I cheered for him tonight. To think that that was his 1st hat trick. Good for him. Maybe this is the confidence that he was looking for? Let's hope we get the same guy for the rest of the year. Have a triple sized beer Chopper. Cheers!

Ladislav Smid

- The guy was an animal tonight. He drops the gloves again. He really is not bad at fighting. In fact, he looked like he knew what he was doing. Plus he ends up with an assist. Maybe he was trying for a Gordie Howe hat trick? At any rate he was fantastic. He was dumping the puck in and was the 1st one on the puck in the corners. At times I thought that he was a forward. One of our best d men tonight. Here's a frosty beer and an ice pack for the knuckles and the ass bone. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Tom Gilbert (quietly picked up a couple of assists.), Andrew Cogliano (had a nice 3 assist game. He looked really good tonight), Steve Staios (had a 2 assist game. Played hard), Erik Cole (he really tried hard tonight.), Dustin Penner's mustache (that is one nice porn stash. Looks good.)



Rob "Plugs" Brown

- He is slowly turning into my #3 behind McGuire and Crawford in the dipturd catagory. Do everyone a favor sometimes and shut up. He spits out random stuff so that hopefully he looks like he knows what he is saying. eg: 10:00 left in the 3rd. "I'm sure Roli will have to make another big save for the Oilers before this game is over." No kidding smart guy. Need I say more? Oh yeah... Your bald. Deal with it. Booooooooooooooo!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beers and Jeers #19 (Jan 13/09 vs Washington Capitals)

That was a better game than last game. I still don't like to be out shot but the win is good. There were a few guys that looked like this was their team. There was a few guys who were tweeners. And of course there were the last few that were stinkers.

I am a little amazed that with all the inner troubles on the team, our Captain Moreau isn't more of a captain and has dealt with it. I have been the captain of a few teams. I have had to be the middle man lots. No big deal. That is part of being a captain. But he hasn't been doing that. Sure there was a closed door meeting. That doesn't mean that Chopper shouldn't have already dealt with this. As a captain. On his own. There has been talk that MacT is to blame for this mess. Wanye Gretz over at wrote a nice piece about this. I still blame the leaders (Moreau, Horcoff, Staios) for the sub-par play but it's a good read and a different point of view. Plus he has inside info and I don't.

Back to the game. The Oilers were good tonight. I really didn't think that this game was going to go well. I guess I was wrong. The 2nd line was clearly the 1st line tonight. As the games go on MacT is starting a love affair with Cole. Bout time. I still do not understand the Reddox situation. I feel embarrassed almost when fans from the other teams ask me what is going on. I don't even want to answer them. I shrug my shoulders and smile. I don't make the lines.

Anyways it was a fun game to watch all around. Let's get on with the booing and beer drinking.



Steve MacIntyre

- Well Big Mac scored his 1st ever NHL goal. Awesome. I bet that is what he said too. One shot, one goal. Not bad. I was a little sad that he didn't fight, but oh well. We win. He played a whopping 3:40 and even though he really didn't contribute a whole lot... He deserved a beer. Not any old beer but a big beer. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- This guy is getting my vote for MVP of the team. Hemsky is good but no one puts out an effort like Cole does. The guy gives his all. When you play with Cole you can't help but bust your butt as well. That is one of the main reasons why Gagner is excelling right now. It's like a yawn... it's contagious. Cole had the most shots on the team tonight. He also had 2 takeaways to go with the 3 goals. Once again I sit and drink with Cole. Frosty mug time... Cheers!

Kyle Brodziak

- A great all around game from Brodziak. He was the old Horcoff. (geez, I hope he doesn't ask for $7 million too.) 2 assists, +4 and 3 blocked shots. Now I am not a real big Brodziak fan, but if he could play like this every game he would be a favorite of mine. Good game tonight. Have a beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Gilbert Brule (He played a solid game. 2 point night.) Steve Staios (excellent shot blocking on #8. He played well too.) Dwayne Roloson (Another beauty from Gramps.)



Not much to really boo here. That was a pretty good game. Lots of hustle. Not quite a 60 minute game but real close. The team really does need to get more shots. To see Ovechkin blast them from all over, he really made it look easy. Why can't an Oiler do that?

There was however a few players that were not playing above par. These players were not very good IMO. Shawn Horcoff, Ethan Moreau, Liam Reddox, Dustin Penner, Tom Gilbert and at times MA Pouliot were all pretty stinky.

Gilbert made some bad passes. In fact I think somewhere Robin Brownlee is laughing

Reddox looked like a bantam player.

I only noticed Horcoff because he plays so much.

No real physical jam from Chopper. He did however have 0 hits. Awesome.

Pouliot didn't look right all night. Except for that one PP where he was with Cogs and Gags.

Penner. Did he play?

Now that I think of it all six of you deserve a jeer. Boooooooooo!


Next up... The Wild.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beers and Jeers #14 (Jan 3/09 vs. Dallas Stars)

Well, the curse is over. Thank god. I was starting to think that those jerseys were a bad idea. Glad I can move on. :) Pretty good game overall by the Oilers. The PK was better tonight. The overall team toughness was going strong. That is a good sign that this team is progressing into more of a competitive team. Still miss Hemsky though...



Erik Cole

- The man is quickly turning into my favorite Oiler this year. He seems to be more comfortable every game and his offence is starting to be more consistent. He can pick a pocket and make a play or land a big hit and this is all within one shift. He is just so big and fast. He can draw a penalty like a girl on 118th ave can draw Johns. That is pretty impressive. So for another whopper of a game. Enjoy a beer Mr. Cole. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- He really was the force behind the team as the game started. Nice goal to keep the train rollin'. He kind of did look like Paul Coffey. This very well could have been one of his best games this year. So for that, have a 40oz of Big Bear. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- I thought that the little dude was pretty good tonight. Made some really nice passes/plays. He seems to have nice vision right now. Two assists again tonight. When it rains it pours I suppose. I think Sam deserves a frosty beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

Dwayne Roloson (played very good tonight. Made great saves and was a rock again for the Oil), Kyle Brodziak (did pretty good on the draw this game), Shawn Horcoff (played pretty solid. Gave a good effort. Didn't really screw up to bad.) Bobby Nilsson (how did he get a +2? Nice pass to Cogs), The Fourth Line (played nice and physical. Couple of fights and some real nice hits.)



Not much to Jeer tonight. Well except Marc Crawford. I hate that guy. Booooooooo!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beers and Jeers #12 (Dec 28/08 vs Nashville Predators)

Well, that was a good game to watch. It was a real total team effort tonight folks. Amazing what can happen when you play a full 60 minute game. About time. Nice to see three lines producing goals tonight. No one really stood out as playing bad. Well one. But you have to read on to find out. Good job Oilers!



Erik Cole

- What a stellar game from Erik Cole tonight. I knew if he kept plugging along things would turn around for him. And see what happens when you move him to the desperation line (Nilsson/Gagner/Cole). Magic. I guess I could say told you so but I won't. Maybe MacT has been reading my blog? How do you know? lol. Anyways... these three guys need to produce and they did tonight. I am afraid that I am making Mr. Cole into an alcoholic. So for playing an excellent game... Have a cold one Erik. Cheers!


Sam Gagner

- The little dude was awesome tonight. Slick moves, nice passes and great down low work along the boards. By rights he should have received an assist on the Souray bomb. He did all the work but was the 4th guy to touch the puck. But regardless Gags played a hell of a game. Beer Sam? Sure you will... Cheers!



- These two guys are one of the main reason we are still in a some what respectable position in the standings. Their work ethic and their never give up attitudes are really showing lately. 2 points each tonight. I try and think of when we have had a better duo in Edmonton. I have to go way back for that. No guys... Further back then the dreaded Janne Niinimaa/Roman Hamrlík duo. I am pretty excited that we have these guys locked up for quite some time. Then you add Gilbert and Grebs. This could be one of the best top 4 in the league. So here Boys... One frosty each. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Dwayne Roloson (Another outstanding game for Roli. We needed a rock and he became one.) Dustin Penner (Good hustle out there tonight. Really showed that he was trying. Maybe even more than Horcoff and Hemsky.) Kyle Brodziak (He was pretty good on faceoffs tonight.)



Shawn Horcoff

- Oh why, oh why do you annoy me so much? Where did your heart go? Stats are not everything. Sure you had a goal. That was good. But... You were pretty bad on the faceoff dot tonight. When you are the one that is sent out on the important draws you need to win at least 50%. 60% or higher would be more ideal but we will take anything over 50%. Your back checking was average. When Hemsky went down and managed to come back, the only guy on that line that was trying his butt off was Penner. I expect more out of Horcoff I guess. To me he just isn't "getting it done" and he is one of our leaders. It's like he is just trying to be an offensive dynamo. And he's not. He just really needs to focus on his defensive game. So for annoying me tonight. Booooooooo!

But like I said... Good game Oilers! Let's keep this train rollin'. Woot Woot!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Beers and Jeers #10 (Dec 22/08 vs. Phoenix Coyotes)

Well let's just say it was nice to watch a game without the politics flowing in the background. Especially with it being a win. And believe me, the team really needed that win with the Christmas break coming up. Good for the Oilers.
On a side note: I would be pretty disappointed if Dan Carcillo was on my team and pulled some crap like that. That was a stupid penalty to get for yapping. I am sure Wayne will snapping on him after this is all over. He didn't look to impressed with him. Why keep sending him out? But now, back to the Oil...



Sheldon Souray
- He played another excellent game tonight. 28:25 of ice time. Wow. That's a lot of skating. He played his normal physical self. He was warrior tonight for the Oil. Then he pulls out the Souray bomb like no other and rips one past Tellqvist. What else can I say about him? So for the game winning goal... A beer. Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano
- For a guy that has played on the 2nd line, the 1st line and now the 3rd line... It just doesn't faze him. He plays the same no matter what. I honestly think that he has been one of the most consistent Oilers this year. Tonight he was again. The goal he scored is what Horcoff has been trying all year long. And he made it look easy. (on a side note: Hemsky is better on the LW side. Why does he refuse to play there 5 on 5?) Cogs better get used to drinking beer here at the Jambalaya with me. I am really starting to like the cut of this guys jib. Here's a BIG cold frosty mug for you. Cheers!

Strudwick and the 4th Line
- What a heck of a game by the 4th liners. Stortini with a big hit. Then goes on to score. His 1st of the year. Atta boy Storts! Then Carcillo hit Brodziak and who's there? His boy Strudwick. Crazy fight between those two. Decision... Strudwick, hands down. The 4th line even was able to get a shift at 5:00 left in the 3rd. MacT was loving those guys. Maybe it's just me, but don't you think Brodziak is more comfortable as a 4th line guy rather than a checking 3rd liner? Ready to split a 6 pack? Good Game guys. Cheers!

Honorable mention
- Ales Hemsky (Solid game again from Hemsky. He sure is making it look easy lately), Marc Pouliot (your making MacT look good), Dwayne Roloson (Not a great game, but a pretty good one), Erik Cole (He's just keeps trying his butt off every night)



The Entire Team
- Still can't play a full 60 minutes huh? That was a terrible 2nd period and we were lucky it was only 2 goals. The biggest down fall that the team has is taking too many penalties. It can literally cost you a game. It very well could have tonight. It's just a good thing Carcillo is a goof. And the team still has to look for that forward pass instead of passing back as a safe move. People like Staios fumble those kind of plays. So for not really looking to hot in the 2nd period. Boooooooooo!

Other than that not much to complain about. Like I said, not a bad game by the Oilers. I hope MacT leaves the lines alone because they are seeming to work. Except, I would rather have Nilsson back on the left with Gagner and Cole. Reddox just shouldn't be on a 2nd line. Besides... We could call the Nilsson/Gagner/Cole line the Desperation line.

Happy Holidays to all the Players, Coaching Staff and Management at the Edmonton Oilers. Enjoy your families and forget about us for a while. It's time to focus on the ones we love.
And a Happy Holidays to the readers. I hope all goes well with all of you in the New Year. 2009 will be good for all.
Smokin' Ray Burnt

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beers and Jeers #1 (Nov 30/08 vs. Dallas Stars)


This is a segment that I like to call "Beers and Jeers". It's basically my 3 stars of the game we all just watched. (But not 3 stars) Due to problems with the puter last night I couldn't get this posted.


Lubo Visnovsky
- This man came back from a crazy hard hit during the St Louis game to play in this game against the Stars. I thought he was gone for a week at least. I would still be there in the fetal position sucking my thumb. Good on him for playing today. Plus I heard from SN that he wanted to come back during the St. Louis game. Are you sure this guy isn't canadian? He went up in my books this weekend. Thank god he isn't another Pitkanen. And his actual game play today was great. Very fast and had his head up quite a bit. Wonder why? Anyways. Here is a beer for Lubo. Cheers.

Ales Hemsky
- I wish I had the talent that he has. He played another good game. I am finally relieved that he is starting to look like that point per game player that we drafted. He just looks comfortable out there. Beer Hemmer? Cheers

Sheldon Souray
- How is this guy not our current captain? He probably poops leadership in the morning while eating a big bowl of nasty flakes. He can't skate worth a crap but everything else he does turns to gold. He played a solid hard fought game tonight. Again. How about a case of beer for Shelly? Cheers great leader.

Kyle Brodziak
- Not much to say but nice goals. Lucky. But nice. Did you and MacT have this planned to make him look good? It worked.


Shawn Horcoff
- Not much to jeer here other than he needs to go back to getting the puck out of your own end school. How many times in a row does he shoot it right at the guy coming down on him? I don't get it. Not just this game, but for at least 2 weeks. It drives me MAD. And my wife goes mad because she can't stand to hear me yell at the TV "Damn Horcoff!!!! Get IT OUT man..." A jeer for you Horc's. Boooooooo

Mac T
- Now I am the biggest MacT supporter there is. I like him. I think he's a good coach. The team plays well when they play by the system. But what the hell man? Where was Roli? I thought that if you won you kept playing? You made yourself look at little dumb yesterday. No wonder the goalies are confused. I would be to. But whatever? I'm not the coach. So here's your jeer. Boooooo.

The Whole team
- For the whole team that blew that game. Booooooooo

Smokin' Ray Burnt

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