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Thursday, October 22, 2009

B&J Oilers Recap (vs. Columbus Blue Jackets 10/22/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn.  We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? More like who isn't?  The flu is running rampant in the Oiler dressing room.  Comrie is sick but playing.  Brule is sick and won't play.  Big Mac finally gets his 1st game of the year and draws in. So with the flu around, it's forced Quinn to change the lines.  Khabibulin starts in goal again.  I'm wondering why Deslauriers hasn't started again? I'm sure he will this weekend.


Pre Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (5-2-1) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (5-2-0)







**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn's LIVE TweetCast© at**


- Welcome to the Full Game LIVE *TweetCast* of the Oilers vs Blue Jackets
- I'm excited to see how the new lines will work out. Horc and Hemmer split up.
- Waiting for player intros, anthem's and puck drop.
- Here we go, Cogs thrown out, BJ's win the draw.
- Gags scores! :58 seconds in. Great slapper on a feed from Pens. 1-0 Oilers
- Oilers have plenty of jump and look sharp early on.
- A couple shifts in and the new lines look good
- Shots are 4-0 for the Oilers 15:00 remaining in the 1st.
- The new 1st line of Pens, Gags, and Hemmer looks great together
- The 4th of Big Mac, Storts and Moreau looks pretty good too
- Khabi hasn't faced a shot yet. 12:14 1st.
- The pace has been average with the Oilers controlling most of the play. BJ's not without some pressure.
- After a flurry of chances Khabi stops it and holds on. 1-0 Oilers 7:00 1st
- Patty-O gets leveled from behind by Methot. no call
- The Oilers 2nd and 3rd lines are starting to pick it up now
- Huselius scores. 1-1 tie game 3:58 1st
- Oilers PP 3:00 1st
- After some great pressure, and Garon without his stick, Pens takes 2 in the bin. 4 on 4
- BJ's go PP in the last min of play in the 1st
- Torres scores on the BJ's PP. 2-1 Blue Jacket's :23 1st
- After playing a great opening 15 mins the Oilers crapped the bed in the last 5 of the 1st. The Blue Jackets lead by one after one


- 2nd period under way. 4 on 4 after Smid gets into a skirmish at end of 1st.
- Huselius scores from Voracek. 3-1 Blue Jacket's 17:53 2nd
- BJ's getting lots of pucks at Khabi.
- Oilers 1st line comes back with a good shift.
- Followed by a good one from the 4th
- The whosillyus line is the most dangerous for Columbus. I can't spell that guys name.
- Moreau take a roughing penalty. approx 15:00 remaining in the 2nd
- BJ's had the zone most of the PP, but the Oilers kill it off.
- Now Lubo takes a holding call at 11:29 remaining in the 2nd 3-1 BJ's
- More pressure from the BJ's but Khabi's standing his ground
- Pens with a great rush, followed by a flurry from the Oilers
- Chimera scores on rush up the wing. backhand top shelf. 4-1 Blue Jacket's 8:07 2nd
- Pens Scores! from Hemmer. 4-2 Blue Jacket's 7:51 2nd
- JFJ gets hit with a high stick. Oilers PP 6:18 2nd
- despite the score the #Oilers haven't been out played that badly. #thisaintover
- nothing on that PP, new one coming up. BJs 4 - Oilers 2   3:25 2nd
- Oilers get a 5 on 3 for :17
- Hemsky Scores! On nice point pass by Lubo (my star). 4-3 Blue Jacket's
- After falling down by 3 goals, the Oilers pulled up their socks, and cut it down to 1.
- Regardless of how this game turns out, the 1st line should stay for awhile. Pens has played even better tonight, if you can believe that.
- @toxxxicity Yes, Hemmer is playing good tonight. The best this year and the game is great.


- 3rd period underway. BJ's win the draw.
- The pace is good to start the 3rd. Oilers PP 15:43 3rd
- Pens Scores! after Lubo makes a great D play to stop Nashes rush. tied 4-4
- Oilers PP looking good with the new 1st line + Patty-O on the point
- Pens, Gags, and Hemmer all have 4 points in this game.
- As long as Khabi doesn't let in "the next one" we should be good.
- Half way through the 3rd it still tied at 4.
- Lubo Scores! after a great rush up the ice. 5-4 Oilers
- Time for number six. GOILERS!
- 5 Goals, 5 Points each for Pens and Hemmer 5-4 Oilers 7:00 3rd
- Strudwick trips Chimera and goes off for 2. 6:06 3rd
- Khabi playin for keeps on this PK for the Oilers. Solid saves
- Horc had a good PK Timely clear
- Torres takes a dumb penalty, 2 mins for elbowing Oilers PP 3:14 3rd
- BJ's kill off one penalty, but take another immediately Oilers PP Last minute
- Nilsson Scores! on a flukey backhand clear from his own zone. 6-4 Oilers.
- Final score Oilers 6 Blue Jackets 4. Pens(1), Hemmer(2), Gags(3) get the stars tonight.
- Thanks for following this LIVE *TweetCast* Next game is Sat. @ the Flames. GOILERS!





Columbus Blue Jackets - 4

Edmonton Oilers - 6


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Columbus Blue Jackets - Torres and Chimera taking those penalties are the definition of a Bad Timing Penalty, especially Chimera.  Dumb, dumb penalties.  Those two must have spent to much time hanging out with Staios and Moreau.  Notice how Quinn keeps Moreau off the ice near the end of the game? Strategy. *wink*



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - I don't know what to say about him?  He clearly is a 4th liner now.  He really can't do much more than that anymore. 1/2 ways through the 3rd, Quinn had Moreau in Comrie's spot (sick) and he didn't look very good at all.  It was pretty clear that he's not who he used to be. He's a shade of Chopper now. Does anyone even say that anymore? Chopper?

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He played ok tonight.  He scores on the empty net and honestly, he really didn't make any huge mistakes.  I think he's trying to not be Paq's goat anymore.  That's just too much pressure to be a goat.



Dustin Penner - Wow!  His 1st ever 5 point night.  THIS GUY IS FOR REAL!  He's on a mission and he's has the whole world to prove.  He looks like and old school Mario Lemieux out there.  Busting moves and scoring goals.  He had 2 goals and 3 assists for 5 points and was a +3.  If you can believe this, he had 11 shots hit the net and missed only twice.  He even went 4W & 4L on faceoffs for 50%.  I was going to give him a Lucky beer, but this performance deserves better than that.  Have a keg of whatever kind of barley based drink you want. The big guy's choice.  Cheers!

Ales Hemsky - I'm sure no one is going to argue with me tonight about Hemsky.  This is the guy that Paq Twinn was talking about.  Finally he arrived this year.  I was getting worried that the old Hemsky was gone.  I'm sure this shuts down the trade talk for awhile on Hemsky.  He was fast and played like he wanted to be the best.  He had 1 goal and 4 assists for 5 points.  He even fired 4 shots at the net.  Not a bad game for a guy who a game or two ago could have been traded (by the fans).  Excellent game Hemmer.  Penner won't share his keg so go and get your own. Cheers!

Sam Gagner - Is this little dude Sam the next #1 guy on the Oilers? If he plays like this,  then his butt does not move off of that 1st line. He it it up tonight with Penner and Hemsky.  All those weird and awkward games that Gagner and Hemsky had are long gone (hopefully) and I'm very excited for the next game against the fLames.  Sammy had 1 goal and 2 assists for 3 points.  He was a game best 7W-2L on the faceoff dot for 78%.  Wow! No one (other than Comrie 2W-0L) was that good .  Who would have guessed that?  Not I.  Studly game for my STAR Gags.  Frosty Mini Keg? Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - Every game he gets better and better.  He seems really comfortable and knows that he needs step it up and perform. Since the injuries, he's been the defensive leader.  He is Paq's star and playing like that sure makes him brag.  He scores the winner and had 2 assists.  He was the best guy on the blue line for the Oilers tonight.  Good job Vish.  Care for a cold Budweiser?  Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ladislav Smid (The Spaz is one of my favorite guys this year.  He fiery and explosive.  And he's a goalie on his spare time.  He earns an assist and was a +1 with 3 blocked shots. He was good.) Graham EDIT: Robert Nilsson (It was by far and away the grittiest game I've seen him play. He went to the dirty areas all game, battled hard on the boards, laid at least one big hit, and really just worked his ass off all night long)



None -

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Tom Gilbert (I really want to boo you, but I won't. He had a pretty sloppy game.),



Smokin' Ray - I really like Pat Quinn.  He makes such good forward lines.  I liked all the lines tonight, even the 4th line.  They really should have played more.  Is Stortini sick too?  He only played 4:02.  And Big Mac logged in 2:44.  But whatever, we won. Yay!  I was also thankful that Quinn changed Horcoff out and inserted Gagner onto the 1st line.  Hemsky sure seemed happy to play with Penner again. Maybe after all this time, 83 needs 27 more than 83 needs 10.  *mind blows*  Great game Oilers.  Let's keep this up.

Paq Twinn - Well what can I say but, wow what a game. The new 1st line was very impressive. I've been saying to break up Horc and Hemmer for quite awhile now, and bang 5,5+3 point nights for Hemmer, Pens, and Gags respectively. They had a phenomenal game tonight. The 4th played pretty good, and the other 2 lines were average at best. Khabi let in more then I'd like, but he never let in "the next one", he was great when the team needed him to be. I give this game an B+, we could have been better, easily.

EDIT: Graham Martin - I honestly think that Nilsson deserves beers, or at the very least honorable mention. I thought that was one of the better games hes played as an Oiler. It was also by far and away the grittiest game I've seen him play. He went to the dirty areas all game, battled hard on the boards, laid at least one big hit, and really just worked his ass off all night long. outside of that top line, he was without question the best Oiler.



Oilers vs. fLames <---- I don't like these guys.  *grrrrrrr*

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