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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is It Tommorow Yet? (Canada vs Russia Olympic Hockey)

Man o' man am I ever excited for the Canada vs Russia hockey game tomorrow. Both teams can not accept a loss at this point of the tournament. One will cherish, one will perish.

So can Canada do it?

I'm hoping so, but it's going to be tough against a high powered Russian team.

Ovechkin & Co are one hell of a dynamic group.  In just about every category the Russians are better except goals for. The Canadians had them by one goal after the preliminary rounds were done. But the bottom line is the Russians seem more stable than Canada does. They shuffle one or two cards. The Canadians, the shuffle the whole deck, goalies included.

So after tonight's game against Germany, I feel better. Not because for the 8-2 stomping against a team that didn't win a game all tournament, but because we finally seen more than just one line working. Or they appeared to work tonight anyways. It gave me hope.

Is this the game Brendan Morrow finds his mean streak?
Is this the game Luongo truly looks comfortable in net?
Is this the game Rick Nash takes his own penalty shots?
Is this the game Babcock stops riding Crosby like a cheap... well you know?
Is this the game Iginla shows that he should have been on the top line all along?
Is this the game where Drew Doughty rips the A off of Chris Pronger and puts it on his own jersey?
Is this the game where Patrice Bergeron doesn't even bother putting on his gear?
Is this the game the Sharks line looks like the Sharks line of the NHL?
Is the the game someone plasters Ovechkin at center ice?
Is this the game where Jonathan Toews becomes the true future Captain of this team?
Is this the game where we finally see some real emotion from Team Canada?

Let's hope so. I'M FIRED UP! Are you?


Here is the link to the Official Olympics Page for Hockey.


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