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B&J #74 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs. Calgary Flames 10/24/09

- Who's Out?  Comrie and Brule are both sick and won't play tonight.  So with those two out, the Oilers have recalled Theo Peckham and not a forward.  It seems that the Oilers are going to roll with 11 forwards and 7 defense.  I'll trust Quinn on this one.

- Looking at the NHL stats sheet today, they have Deslauriers as the best goalie in the league right now.  He's played once.  I don't get it?

- The Springfield Falcons seem to be the same as the parent club, the Edmonton Oilers.  The were out shot tonight as well.  This seems to be a trend for both teams. I wonder why?

- The best part about the start to the season so far? The Leafs off to the worst start in the history of the franchise. Ouch! *points finger and laughs*


Edmonton Oilers (6-2-1) vs. Calgary Flames (6-2-1)






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- Welcome everyone to 3rd Battle of Alberta. Oilers @ fLames LIVE *TweetCast*.
- This is the 3rd BoA already this season. The scheduler should have left some for the rest of the season. Too many BoA's too soon
- Comrie will be out tonight (flu). Peckham draws in and Strudwick will play on the 4th line wing.
- Waiting for player intros, anthem and puck drop.
- Here we go, Oilers win the opening draw.
- 30 sec in and the 1st line gets their first shift.
- Oilers PP as Iginla runs Khabi. 18:50 remaining in the 1st
- Lubo Scores! sneaking in from the point for a one timer. 1-0 Oilers 17:30 1st
- Big Mac vs McGrattan. Good long fight, give the edge to McGrattan. 1-0 Oilers 16:30 1st

- Fast pace, good hockey being played.
- Smid and Lubo are playing great so far tonight. Great chemistry
- Storts is running guys all over the ice. Looking to make impact
- Oilers getting better puck retrieval this game. 1-0 Oilers 11:24 1st
- After some pressure by the fLames, Khabi snatches the puck on a good shot.
- Johnson for the fLames goes off for 2. Oilers PP 9:54 1st
- Bourque cross checks Grebs, goes on a 2 on 1 and finishes. 1-1 tie game 8:00 1st Refs missed one
- fLame fans chant "Whoop there it is" WTF?
- Good back and forth action here in the 1st. 1-1
- The 1st line is picking up right where they left off. Playing great. Best line tonight.
- The refs are are either missing calls or just letting it go. Cogs tripped at center ice. 2 mins remaining 1st
- Storts rocks Iginla right in front of the fLames bench, big scrum ensues. Iginla takes a roughing call. Storts is bleeding.
- Oilers PP for 1:54 to start the 2nd.
- After the 1st period, the game is tied at 1 a piece.
- Kiprusoff has been letting out a few rebounds, the Oilers would be wise to send a guy to the front.
- Good first, felt like the 80's....almost.


- 2nd period is under way.
- Oilers don't get a shot on the PP. 1-1 tie 17:30 2nd
- Dawes scores on behind the centering feed. 2-1 fLames
- Nystrom scores after a scramble in front of Khabi. 3-1 fLames 15:31 2nd
- fLames are carrying the play in the 2nd. Oilers need to pick it up. Call a timeout?
- Quinn had something to say, during a commercial break. Oilers are playing better.
- Grebs slashes Iginla's stick. Oilers PK
- Khabi standing tall, on PK. 10:10 2nd
- Phaneuf with point shot, gets deflected and goes in.
- All the Oilers say it was deflected by a high stick, goal is under review.
- PP goal stands, it does look like a high stick though. 4-1 fLames 9:30 2nd
- Oilers have their work cut out for them now. This ain't the BJ's
- The Oilers seem to have lost the hitting element to their game. Only Storts is hitting.
- After the Oilers take a delayed penalty, Smid goes nuts on a fLame in the corner.
- Smid and Bourque go off, Smid picks up an extra 2. Oilers PK 7:42 2nd
- Despite the score Khabi has played well, making some big saves. Not his fault.
- Shots are 17-7 for the fLames, in the 2nd period only. 5:35 remaining in the 2nd
- Peckham needs to be more physical if hes going to stick with this team. I haven't noticed him much.
- Oilers are trying to make something happen, missing bodies are taking their toll.
- Horc makes a nice play, JFJ cant finish.
- Smid vs Giordano good fight by Smid.
- After the scrum, the refs try figure things out.
- Oilers get the PP out of it. 4-1 fLames 2:19 2nd
- Pens Scores after Gags send the puck through the crease. PP goal 4-2 fLames 1:25 2nd
- Jokinen goes off for holding. Oilers PP
- Sarich takes a 4 min high sticking call, with 6 sec left in the 2nd. Oilers 2 men up to start the 3rd.
- Well the end of that period sure makes things more interesting. Oilers PP is 2-4 tonight so far.
- If the Oilers play the rest of the game the same as the last 5 mins they could complete another come back. after 2 per its 4-2 fLames


- 3rd period is under way
- Patty-O cant finish on a great chance. 5 on 4 for 3mins.
- Horc hits the post on a great slapper from the high slot. Oilers PP
- Langkow gets a step on Gilbert, and Gibert takes a holding call. 4 on 4 for now
- Now Giordano goes off for slashing, Oilers PP 4 on 3
- At 16:07 it 4 on 4 again.
- Chorney havin a good shift, rused the net and made a good keep in at he line.
- With 14:21 remaing in the 3rd its back to 5 on 5
- Pens with another good rush.
- Patty-O get robbed by Kippers glove.
- Halfway through the 3rd the pace has settled
- Horc takes a tripping call. 4-2 fLames 9:29 remaining n the 3rd
- Oilers need a big PK here.
- Dawes scores. 5-2 fLames PP goal. that one may have done in the Oilers
- That last goal sapped the energy right out of the game. 5:50 3rd
- Oilers are making a go of it, picked up their play a bit.
- fLames are closing this one out, shuting down all Oilers.
- Last minute in the 3rd period. 5-2 fLames
- Final score 5-2 for the fLames. This time the Oilers were out played.
- In the end Big Mac's fight was a micro-cosom of the game, he/Oilers got a few in but McGratton/fLames got in a few more.
- The stars tonight are Bourque(1), Dawes(2), and Penner(3)
- Well that does it for this LIVE *TweetCast* of the Oilers @ fLames. Next up Oilers @ Canucks tomorrow. The Oilers need to be better.





Edmonton Oilers - 2

Calgary fLames - 5



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- Post Game Video Reaction Link



Shawn Horcoff - It was a bad way to lose a game.  The Oilers were down 4-2 and Horcoff takes a tripping penalty and the fLames score on the PP.  Now it's 5-2.  That kind of makes it hard to come back now. 



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He was ok.  No worries though, he still sucked.  He really isn't a 2nd line guy, and he's barely a 3rd liner.  Just throwing that out there Quinn.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He was the best out of our two goats.  No matter what, he will be the odd man out when there needs to be roster changes.  He's just not good enough to stick with the Oilers.



Zack Stortini - The guy was on a mission.  He was trying to be a complete guy tonight and was the only one to mess with Iginla.  It's a little shocking when you look at his stats for this game. 1 shot and 1 hit.  That's it?  Something's wrong here because he was all over the place.  I think you deserve a frosty mug of beer. Cheers!

Dustin Penner - The big guy played well.  He really is deserving of his ice time this year.  He scores again to increse his point totals.  Can this guy do any wrong?  For an excellent game, enjoy a cold Pilsner Pens. Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - He also scored tonight.  He's been the best defender that we have and I even think it's helped out Smid so far this year.  He led the team in ice time and had 4 shots on net.  Not a bad night by Lubo.  Let's get drunk to forget the loss.  Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ladislav Smid (He was scrappy and fiesty.  He plays like he has something to prove this year.), Sam Gagner (Looks good with 83 and 27.  It's nice to see Gags excel after a 4th line start to the year. 2 assists tonight.), Ales Hemsky (He is also looking good since the shake up.  He picked up two nice assists and had a solid game.), Steve MacIntyre (I don't get why he only played 0:51 seconds?  His skating has improved big time this season.  At least he had a good seat to watch the game.)



Tom Gilbert - He was the definition of crappy tonight.  A lot of errors were caused by him and Grebs.  Just a bad night for Tommy G. Booooooo!

Denis Grebeshkov - Same goes for Grebs.  Also a really bad night.  I was calling this pairing the "mistake" pairing all game.  Get better because we need you two. Booooooo!




Smokin' Ray - How many posts must the Oilers hit? Geez Louise.  Ping! That's all I heard tonight.  This could have been a 10 -5 game for the Oil.  But nooooo.  Now I have to go to work and hear the jackbutt's brag about how great their team is.  That's for that Oilers.  Let's just hope that we kill the Canucks tommorow.



Oilers vs. Canucks

8:00 pm MT
Sportsnet West


  1. I did not feel good after watching that game. I hope it was just the flu, but most of the team played with little intensity. Penner, Lubo, Hemmer and Gagner get a pass, but the rest of the team looked bad. Run some IVs through boys, and lets hope for better results tonight!

  2. @ Menace: Agreed. The start of the game was good. Then... the wheels fell off. I sure hope that Brule or Comrie draw back in tonight. GOILERS!


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