Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Welcome to NAIL Country" Part I

Like many of you out there, I am first and foremost a fan of hockey. The last thing some people may want to read about is more on the 2012 NHL Entry Draft and Nail Yakupov. Or did I get that wrong? Judging by the hits we here at Oilersjambalaya and other sites on the blogosphere get on articles on Nail and the draft, I would say there is interest still.

Rather then try to defend the reasons I have for the Oilers taking Nail at #1 overall, (HENCE THE TITLE)  I thought 'why not get a closer look into his life and experiences?' For a few blogs, I will focus more on some stories of what is becoming a very interesting player in "Nail Yakupov".

Nail Yakupov
Born: October 6th,1993
Position: RW 
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 pounds

Nail, a outspoken Russian with elite Skill and speed to burn, plays with a fire that is rare to find in a average player. Yakupov has been in the hockey limelight now for 2 years and doesn't even blink at the thought of pressure.

While several fans, scouts and even some media members bring in the 'Russian factor' as a argument to draft him at #1, Nail has no worries. Both he and his agent Larionov bring quick attention to his coming to North America early in his development and his desire to be the best, in the best league in the world.

Yakupov makes light of those who refer to his name as a sign of significance. Nail told reporters "I don't have a great story about my name, it's not like I had a great grandfather who was a hero and I was named after him. My parent's just liked the name and that's it". It's a common name in the region of Russia where he hails from but does mean 'the one who achieves success'.

Nail comes from a smaller city called Nizhnekamsk. He tell's how it is not much different then Sarnia, where he has played the last 2 years for the Sting. "Sarnia is more of a stretched town and has lots of houses" Say's Yakupov. "Nizhnekamsk is bigger, about 250,000 people live there, but more compact and has apartment buildings. I like small towns. I'm not really the going out type."

Nail's big passion is movies , particularly thrillers. He cites favourites as Law Abiding Citizen, Vantage Point, and Phone Booth to name a few. he says some people think he's a moron because he loves Phone Booth but Say's he can't help it. You have got to love the fact, he is not one to just go with the crowd but actually has opinions of his own. Some are concerned he may be too outgoing  and arrogant , to be a long term solution for the Edmonton Oilers and maybe not a team player and a teachable one at that. 

Nail's father Rail Yakupov (yes, you read that right), was Nail's junior coach. He was also director of a junior hockey school back home. It meant only one thing for Nail; He would have to work twice as hard as his peers. He learned his worth ethic and persistence early in life. "He was very demanding" Yakupov Say's. "I don't know where I would be without him. He liked to remind me 'If you want to play, keep your mouth shut, listen and do as your told'." A sign that tell's us, a lot about the way he grew up.

Connections in Sarnia to Oiler Players, tell of how great of a guy he is. Speaks a lot to his character. Some fans are concerned about his outspoken personality as a bad sign. I would say his work ethic, character and ability to handle enormous pressure would be more of a concern then him being 'excited' about beating Team Canada at the recent WJHC 2012.


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  1. Oilers - Take the first pick if you want I don't really care. But PLEASE don't ever trade Hall, RNH, Eberly, Sam, PRV, Jeff Pietry, & Jones. You can get rid of all the others for better players. Instead of wasting big bucks on useless drafts and BIG HULKS, get the PLAYERS from our OK BARRONS (The Winners) or OIL KINGS (The winners)
    Yes we NEED A BIG Motivator for our KIDS just LIKE PRONGER....
    (Are there any Prongers available?)

    Hurray!!!My LA (KING) OILERS are winning Stanley Cup this year....

  2. A fan who is loyal to his players, I like that. Can't say I agree on all the MUST have players but highly respect each one. You speak of useless drafts and BIG HULKS. Do you mind clarifying some examples? I think I can draw some pretty good conclusions to whom you speak but hopefully you wouldn't mind mentioning a few who you feel do OR have fit that category.

    Who is the closest to a Pronger in the draft? Probably Reinhart, however you will never get the nastiness and cheap shots out of him. He may play mean and tough, but that is very different. Not so sure Pronger could be considered the RIGHT kind of motivator though.

    Having said all that, maybe you were meaning something totally different , oh well, 'drop the puck!'


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